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This site was last updated on April 22, 2014


Welcome to the Klamath Writers' Guild website.  Although our site continues to evolve the links to the left are active.  Be sure to check our Calendar for the latest on our 2013 meeting schedule!  Select The Guild to find out about our group, how to become a member or what meetings you can attend as a guest.  When you attend a meeting here is what you'll discover.

Members of the Guild consist of published and unpublished writers who support each other in the craft of writing.  Individuals who are just exploring their desire to write will find guidance and experienced writers will receive the honest critique we all want before sending off our work to an agent or publisher.  This diverse group includes novelists, screenwriters, poets, song writers, journalist, and editors.  From short stories to epic novels the meetings provide opportunities for all genres.  Attend a meeting and you could hear everything from poetry or a musician offering his latest song, to young adult novels, science fiction, fantasy, or real life stories just to name a few of the works being presented for critique at the time of this posting.


Open Meeting Dates for May are the 5th, and 19th.  See our Calendar link to the left for location and time.


The Teacher

The first phase of Klamath Writers’ Guild collection of short stories has ended with seven entries accepted for publication.  We wish to thank everyone who submitted for their efforts and challenge you to keep your creative juices flowing as we announce the theme for the next phase in May.    The Guidelines along with the theme will be posted on our website.

Here are the winning selections for The Teacher.

1.  Alien Soliloquy, by Lisa Davis.  Lisa is a former officer of the Guild and recently moved to Longview, Texas.  She is the author of  Dark Deeds, which is available on Amazon.  For more information about Lisa visit:  http://www.klamathwritersguild.org/Lisa_Davis.html

2.  You Touch the World, by Ken Magee.  Ken recently moved to Salem, Oregon, to be closer to family.  He is a former Board member and served several years in various office positions for the Guild.   He is the author of Mudwatching, Adventures with Grandpa. His latest work, Beyond Surprise, is based on his travels as a physician with Medical Teams International.  Take a moment to visit his webpage,  http://www.klamathwritersguild.org/Ken_Magee.html , where you’ll find links to his books.

3.  Skyball, by Glenn Justus.  Glenn is a musician, songwriter and author.  His book, Unfinished Journey, a man and his music, includes selected songs from the six CD’s he’s produced.  You can listen to some of his music http://www.klamathwritersguild.org/Glenns_Music.html  and find out more about this creative writer and performer at: http://www.klamathwritersguild.org/Glenn_Justus.html.

4.  The Saxophone, by Jessica Bryan.   Jessica Bryan is the author of three books: Psychic Surgery and Faith Healing, Revised Edition; Mediumship and the Flow of Grace: Messages from Paul; and Love is Ageless – Stories About Alzheimer’s Disease. Jessica is also a professional editor, specializing in metaphysical, spiritual, and self-help books.  She lives in Ashland, Oregon.

5.  Lesson Learned, by Pamela Bainbridge-Cowan.  Some might say that Pamela has a split personality as she has published books in several genres.  As Pamela Cowan, she is known for her psychological thrillers.  Her mystery novel, Something in the Dark, won the NSQ award and was the #1 best seller on Amazon Kindle.  She recently published, Storm Justice, a suspense thriller and is currently working on the second book in that series.  Pam Bainbridge-Cowan is a Science Fiction and Fantasy writer with just a touch of Horror.  Her fantasy, The Butterfly, Yetzirah: The Pocket Worlds, is the winner of the NIWA Seal of Quality.  Her anthology, Altered Visions, is a collection of speculative fiction.  Pamela is a long time member of the Klamath Writers’ Guild and lives in Portland, Oregon.  For more about Pam and her writing go to:  http://www.pambainbridgecowan.com/ . 

6.  Cratchum of the Indies, by Ed Silling.  Ed is an amazing writer known for his ability to draw the reader into a story and transform them into another world.  His ability to spin words into images that dance in the reader's head is quite evident in his first novel, Midshipman Tyke Considers Returning from The Island of No Return. Ed is a longtime member of the Guild and will be filling the office of Treasurer.

7.  Love, Lies and Lavender, by William Huntsman.  William tries to balance the dark side of his writing with a little humor.  On the dark side, you’ll find work like, Stone Soldiers, from his Living with the Dead series.  Stories like the one submitted for The Teacher, help to keep him out of deep pits.